“Unfit” designation faraway from employment functions of disabled individuals | Tradition & Society

Ammon News – Disabled people are no longer classified as “unfit” in reports from government-appointed medical committees examining the likely employment and application opportunities of disabled people. This comes from an announcement by the Higher Council for the Rights of People with Disabilities (HCD) the Ministry of Health on Sunday.

The move enforces Article 5 (B) of the Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities No. 20 of 2017, which stipulates: “A disability in itself must not prevent a person from being considered healthy and work, educational, The exercise of all rights and freedoms established in accordance with the provisions of this Act or other laws, as long as they meet the necessary conditions, is considered qualified and capable of working. “

This is also in line with the provisions of Article 45 of the Public Service Statute, which requires employers to make the necessary arrangements for a worker with a disability to carry out his work according to a technical report issued by the Equal Opportunities Committee in the HCD.

For decades, “unfit” was the final word on employment reports issued by medical committees under the 1977 Medical Committee Bylaws and amendments. Any “unsuitable” provisions in these Articles of Association shall be void in accordance with the provisions of the Disability Rights Act, which take precedence over the Articles of Association and nullify anything contrary to the principles contained therein and contained therein.

HCD General Secretary Muhannad Al-Azza said the move would “end a long era of exclusion and discrimination enshrined in the provisions of the medical committee’s statutes for 44 years without reason or logical justification.”

He added that the criteria for so-called “workability” are now determined by agreements, facilities, assistive technology and a culture of acceptance of others rather than by the person’s physical or mental state.

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