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ASHEVILLE, NC and CHARLOTTE, NC, June 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Two of North Carolinas The largest managed care organizations announced today that they will consolidate in preparation for the state’s transformation to Medicaid managed care. Vaya Health and Cardinal Innovations have already started transition efforts, with Vaya taking responsibility for coordinating services and support for Cardinal Innovations members after the consolidation. Together, the organizations will work towards a seamless transition focusing on integrated, compassionate care for people with mental illness, substance use disorders, and / or intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Vaya Health currently manages services for individuals in 22 West counties North Carolina. If approved by the NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and district representatives, the consolidation will expand Vaya’s operations to include benefits for the individuals and districts served by Cardinal Innovations. The proposed consolidation marks the fourth such endeavor for Vaya after successfully leading previous mergers with New River Behavioral Healthcare in 2007, with the Foothills Area MH / DD / SA Authority in 2008 and with Western Highlands Network in 2013.

Vaya’s experience of transitioning members through consolidation efforts will be particularly beneficial as the state’s public health system undergoes significant transformation. The first phase of the NC Medicaid Transformation starts on July 1, 2021, with five commercial health plans ready to manage built-in health benefits for the majority of Medicaid participants. As part of the second phase of the transformation to BH and I / DD Tailored Plans, which is expected in July 2022, Vaya and Cardinal Innovations are preparing to evolve their operations to offer fully integrated care for those with a severe mental illness, severe emotional disorder, severe substance use disorder, intellectual / developmental disability, or traumatic brain injury.

Consolidation of the two organizations will enable a stronger health plan to help those who are through North Carolinas public health system. It will also bring the necessary stability to the members in the counties supported by Cardinal Innovations. The organizations strive to bring the best of both together to ensure the widest range of services, the highest quality of care, and an unparalleled commitment to local communities.

“We believe we can all benefit when we work together to meet the needs of our communities,” said Brian Ingraham, President and CEO of Vaya Health. “Our number one priority during this transition will be to support members, providers and counties and avoid any interruption in supply. We remain determined to offer a successful public service option as a bespoke plan. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to use the public model to support our partners in the county and serve even more North Carolinians on their way to health and wellbeing. “

“The passion and commitment of Vaya staff to serve our members and communities is unmatched,” said Rick French, Chairman of the Vaya Health Committee. “The board is excited to expand this work to ensure that Cardinal Innovations health plan members continue to receive quality service and support.”

“We believe in our mission to improve the health and well-being of our members and their families,” said Trey Sutten, CEO of Cardinal Innovations. “It has become increasingly clear that to accomplish this mission we must consolidate with a strong organization that has a history of meeting the needs of members and the community and the disruptions caused by the Medicaid transformation and county realignment can stabilize. I’ve known Brian and the Vaya team for years and know that our members, vendors and communities are in the best of hands. “

“The board and I fully support the entire Cardinal Innovations team,” said Bryan Thompson, CEO of Cardinal Innovations. “While we are saddened to reach this fork in the road, we are confident that Vaya shares our values ​​and is fully committed to our members, providers and communities.”

The leadership of the two organizations will work closely with DHHS and representatives from local and state governments to ensure a successful transition. The boards of directors for each organization will establish a joint steering committee to lead the development of a transition plan that puts the needs of members, vendors and counties at the forefront of the planning effort. Vaya leaders will visit each county to hear their concerns and learn about the specific needs of each community. Consolidation of the two companies, led by Vaya Health, is expected by. to be finished June 30, 2022.

About Vaya Health: Vaya Health is a public managed care organization that oversees Medicaid, federal, state, and local funding for prevention, treatment, and crisis services provided by doctors and providers on Vaya’s contract network. Vaya manages services and coordinates the care of individuals in 22 western North Carolina Counties with more than 1 million inhabitants. Vaya’s local model ensures that each county receives individual attention and support to meet the unique needs of each community. Vaya works with vendors, local stakeholders and members every day to provide the services, support and education programs needed for healthier people. to develop North Carolina. The organization has a proven track record of meeting or exceeding the state’s clinical benchmarks and maximizing public funding to reach more citizens per capita than any other LME / MCO. Access to care and crisis assistance is available around the clock at 1-800-849-6127.

About Cardinal Innovations Healthcare: Cardinal Innovations Healthcare is a specialized health plan and care coordinator for Medicaid recipients as well as for under and uninsured people North Carolina with complex behavioral and special needs. Cardinal Innovations connects people with treatment and support for mental health, mental and developmental disorders, and substance use disorders through a network of providers in their communities. In 2020, Cardinal Innovations managed almost $ 850 million for the supply of 825,000 people in the region and invested more than $ 50 million Improve support systems and respond to the pandemic. Cardinal Innovations also works with local governments to address public health issues such as homelessness, suicide prevention, child welfare and domestic violence through education, engagement and outreach.

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