Wish to work for the betterment of specially-abled individuals? Rishiwood College is providing Incapacity Administration course; test particulars

Ajay Gupta, co-founder of Rishihood University, spoke to Financial Express Online about problems people with disabilities face and his ideas for providing them with quality education

According to the TRRAIN HSBC Disability Employment Report 2019, around half (46%) of people with disabilities in India are uneducated. The lack of the right schools, the accessibility, the unavailability of special teachers and above all the unwillingness of parents to invest in their disabled child are the main hurdles. Rishihood University has developed a year-long postgraduate and scholarship program for the soon-to-be-opened Center for Disability Management. Ajay Gupta, co-founder of Rishihood University, spoke to Financial Express Online about problems people with disabilities face and his ideas for providing them with quality education. abstract

What are the main reasons for introducing such a disability management course?

There are only a very limited number of disability management training programs available, especially for a large country like India. The Disability Management PGD program provides bright and promising youth with diverse professional and academic backgrounds the opportunity to become familiar with the guided pathways and unguided ventures of the disability sector and to develop knowledge, skills and mindsets to ensure the elimination of inequalities for those with Disability.

This will also promote the inclusion and mainstreaming of the 15-20% of the population of people with disabilities in India (approximately 8% of the youth with disabilities). This large number of people live on the edge of marginalization and are still the largest “invisible minority”. The course on Disability Management will help to get them fully involved and the “inclusion” promised in Indian national law – the Disability Rights Act 2016 and the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Disability Inclusion – to promote.

Please provide some details about the course such as features, eligibility, duration, fees, etc.

This is a full-time, year-long program that requires fellows to stay close to project locations in urban, semi-urban, and rural settings as needed. The program includes a mixture of introduction, training, field projects, institute visits and cross-learning workshops that are spread over the entire fellowship period.

The candidate must have a degree in any field of study passionate about this course. The course is awarded to all selected candidates for the course with a full scholarship from the university. The university strives to dedicate more people and funds to promoting the difference this course can make.

What is the center for the particularly able?

The Center for the Specially-Able is a Rishihood University initiative designed to provide the bright and promising youngsters of diverse professional and academic backgrounds with an opportunity to engage with the disability sector and to develop the knowledge and skills to eradicate inequalities in people with disabilities.

This center aims to empower people with disabilities. Specializing in this topic offers many career opportunities that have not yet been exhausted. For the social and development sector, civil society organization, international non-governmental organizations, governmental organizations and national non-governmental organizations, there will therefore be a mass availability of qualified and knowledgeable people with disabilities. The Indian government’s mandates “leave no one behind” as part of their commitments by signing and ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Therefore, this Disability Management Center and Course is the first step in supporting the marginalized people with disabilities and assisting the government in fulfilling its mission of “India’s Ability”.

How does such an initiative help particularly capable people in India?

The full-time fellow program aims to develop diverse individuals with passion and commitment to ensure the mainstreaming and empowerment of people with disabilities under the guidance of policy makers, thought leaders and implementers at the grassroots level.

Through innovations for people with disabilities, we are innovations for all of us. By making sure this center lives up to its promise to meet the broadest societal needs, we can empower everyone – not just people with disabilities – to achieve more. And that is just the beginning. We can’t wait to see how people with disabilities are empowered to represent themselves in order to uphold their rights and entitlements. qualified to lead a quality life and ultimately become a productive citizen of society.

What are the future plans for such courses?

Going forward, we see this as a method to self-cater for people with disabilities and to foster a community of professionally trained graduates who can work for the evolving challenges of people with disabilities. Such trained graduates can also pursue careers in healthcare, hospitality, sports, and the non-profit sector around the world.

The possibilities are endless, as is the community of people with disabilities waiting to be accepted and made mainstream. And what is more dynamic than being trained and empowered to be at the end of giving and no longer at the end of receiving, to be respected and welcomed on the basis of competence than to be hired as part of a quota (6% reservation by the Indian Government). We as an educational institution are very excited and proud to be at the forefront of this endeavor and to do our best to support the cause.

Our vision was to have a center like this one that gave us the courage and the impetus to stand up for the rights of people with disabilities with grit and wisdom. not with the charity and compassion approach that many do. We don’t want to give them “fish”, but rather teach them skills so that they can learn to catch the fish themselves. It is better to teach people how to do something yourself than to do it just for them. This phrase is only part of the full saying, “If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day; If you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime. Hence, the center focuses on the idea that long-term benefits are more useful.

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