A Fast Information To Bathing Aids

It is important for a person with disabilities to feel safe and independent in a bathroom. Mobility aids are now available to provide support and control in the bathroom. In addition, these devices are certainly important in ensuring that a disabled person feels independent.

When it comes to elders, most find it difficult to move independently and this is where mobility aids provide support and stability. When an elder is unsure and performs actions such as sitting or walking, it is important to ensure his or her safety by finding a mobility aid that meets his or her needs. Typically 1/3 elderly fall into their homes each year and the elders are known to need mobility aids for their support and safety.

Although using the toilet or bathing or showering is a daily routine, it is not that easy for a disabled person. Most of them need help with performing their daily washes or personal hygiene. However, there is now a wide range of mobility aids available to change people’s lives to the greatest extent possible.

Standard mobility aids for mobility

Elderly people who live independently at home can access mobility aids that are designed to move around the bathroom.

Bath lift

A hot bath can relieve stress and relieve joint pain. However, using a regular bath can be difficult for a person with disabilities. This device can be placed over a standard bat pan to assist the person in getting in and out of the vehicle through a wall-mounted electrical mechanism. It can be raised and lowered in and out of the bathtub with the push of a button, minimizing the need for a person to assist in getting in and out of the bathtub.

The Bellavita Bath Lift is a very light, battery-operated reclining device with a special opening on the front to improve your personal hygiene. Weighing in at 9.3 kg, it has 4 suction cups for a non-slip bathtub, a padded seat and backrest for added comfort, an integrated safety control and hand control floats for easy access to the control buttons while bathing.

Shower seat

Those who are struggling to get in the shower could use a shower seat to help solve this problem. Various seating furniture was designed, e.g. B. stools that can be placed over a bathtub or attached to the wall and folded down if necessary. All available seats are easy to keep clean and can undoubtedly take the pressure off your feet while you shower at any time of the day.

The Hero Medical shower chair and the unpadded shower stool are solid and corrosion-free. The Auscare aluminum shower stool is another product that is safe and convenient when showering. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and conforms to Australian standards. It is equipped with adjustable legs without allowing the legs to be filled with water. The height of the inner sliding legs is adjustable.

Safety railing

Bathroom safety rails are helpful when a person is having difficulty getting up from a sitting position or when they slip in the shower. These rails were made to withstand any weight and move safely around the bathroom. There is also an option for portable handle rails that can be vacuum attached to the wall for those who don’t want permanent rails.

At ILS, Hero brand grab bars are now available, which are made of stainless steel and have a long service life to support mobility in the home.

The ILS ADL suction cup rail is a great support for more support in the bathroom or on the toilet. It’s portable and easy to repair or remove.

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