Airport Including First-Of-Its-Type Inclusive Play Space

KANSAS CITY, Mon. – Commercial air travel is exhausting enough. For families with children – and adults – with special needs, waiting at the airport terminal is a multitude of challenges.

That’s why the Kansas City aviation division has partnered with Variety KC to create a supposedly one-of-a-kind, inclusive game area in an airport terminal. The play area will be part of the new terminal currently under construction at Kansas City International Airport. The project was announced late last month during a press conference at one of the existing KCI terminals.

Kansas City Councilor Heather Hall announced that the new terminal will be the most comprehensive of any airport terminal in the world.

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City officials say the Variety KC Family Play Zone will have features that allow children with special needs to play with other children together. Many of the functions allow children with limited mobility to access play equipment. Some of the other features include devices for children with communication problems.

In addition to the play area, the new terminal will have changing tables in the toilets that can accommodate adults with special needs.

The new terminal is scheduled to open in March 2023.

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