Disabled Entry Community Created to Improve Native Enterprise ADA

ViewBiz Marketing announces a new business directory for disability networks designed for the disabled community.

Austin, Texas. – ViewBiz Marketing is proud to announce the introduction of the Disabled Access Network (DAN). It is officially an online business directory for ADA compliant business owners serving the visually and physically impaired community.

The directory website is a way for businesses to enter a largely underserved consumer market looking for businesses to suit their needs. This includes websites that can provide content that meets ADA requirements.

Many business owners are ADA compliant with their physical facilities but do not find it appropriate to be suitable for online consumers on the internet. Therefore, DAN encourages its listeners to upgrade to a premium list and will offer it as a bonus on the ADA compliant directory site.

ViewBiz Marketing DAN brings together local businesses with largely underserved disabled consumers while providing a world class business directory for able-bodied consumers in general. All of this starts with providing free business listings for well-known local businesses that want to be found online by consumers looking to spend locally.

Antoinette-Marie Williams and Rupert Mamby teamed up to build this business directory from years of trial and error. They help local businesses benefit financially from the needs of the disabled community. And now, with the advent of ADA-compliant website software, they can transfer that marketing know-how to bring this model to a wider audience on the World Wide Web.

The official start date for DAN Online Business Services is July 2021. We invite you to visit our website at www.DisabledAccessNetwork.com to learn more about how local businesses can serve the online community with disabilities and quickly improve their online presence to grow their customer base.

ABOUT VIEWBIZ MARKETING: ViewBiz is an independent digital marketing agency founded to provide digital marketing services, including video marketing, social media marketing, website creation, and SEO services, to local businesses large and small. Rupert Mamby, Owner of ViewBiz Marketing Services, and Antoinette-Marie Williams, Owner of Doors Wide Open believe in delivering innovative services that create growth for local businesses while serving the disabled community in the age of new technology.

For more information visit: https://MyPro.ws/DAN

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