Folks with disabilities share considerations about parking at Allegiant Stadium

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – As the Las Vegas Raiders preseason games get more exciting, many people – including people with disabilities – are worried about what parking will be like.

Saturday marks the start of the Las Vegas Raiders preseason at Allegiant Stadium. For the first time, Raider Nation will be in the stadium.

There were parking problems in the Allegiant Stadium at the Garth Brooks concert and the Gold Cup soccer game. Now that the Raiders preseason begins, it likely means parking problems again – especially for people with disabilities.

Reset Dianne

Dianne Resetar is a polio survivor and often has to use a power wheelchair.

“As long as you don’t have a disability, you don’t know how difficult it is to get around,” said Resetar.

Even so, Resetar and her husband are looking forward to seeing the Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium as season ticket holders. But there remains a question:

“Where are we going to park?” said Resetar.

Resetar recently went to Allegiant for training and says there is not enough disabled parking space. She also fears that employable people will take advantage of these places.

“We didn’t get the $ 100 parking because there is no guarantee,” explained Resetar.

Another option is a ride. Resetar uses an elevator to get out of her van, but she says the ADA stop in Lot B is too far from the entrances to Allegiant Stadium.

“It’s really stressful,” said Resetar. “I don’t know what we’re going to do.”

Michael Mais

Michael Maize, who often uses a cane or walker, has a similar concern with ridesharing.

“There’s no provision for Uber and Lyft to drop off and pick up at the entry point,” Maize said.

Maize would like to see a golf cart system that can transport people with disabilities from the drop-off point to the stadium entrance – and back again. But according to the Allegiant Stadium website, “staff are not allowed to escort guests to… the parking lots.” For this reason, Maize is giving away his tickets for Guns N ‘Roses at the Allegiant Stadium later this month.

“I won’t even risk going to the concert,” Maize said.

Resetar plans to use the RTC’s Game Day Express Shuttle, which is wheelchair accessible. And while it’s not the best option for her, she remains optimistic.

“That’s the way it is at the moment,” said Resetar. “It’s getting better, I’m sure of that.”

8 News Now reached out to Allegiant Stadium on Friday to discuss these concerns, but we didn’t get any feedback until Friday night. Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft told 8 News Now that the parking and traffic issues around Allegiant Stadium will be a learning experience for everyone all season long.

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