GiftoLexia can assist children with studying disabilities enhance in addition to assist their lecturers and paren- Edexlive

When Teena Paul’s son was diagnosed with dysgraphia at the age of 13, a learning disability that affects writing skills, she was given a special education teacher. Today her son not only dealt with his learning disabilities, he graduated from college. But there are many children like him who find it difficult to read, write, and identify letters and numbers, who have not been given a chance to improve. That is why Teena founded GiftoLexia, a start-up that helps teachers identify learning difficulties in children at an early age by offering them training courses as well as their unique method called Gaze Pattern Based Screening.

Teena was selected by IIMB’s NSRCEL for the Woman Start-up program in 2017 and there GiftoLexia was incubated. She says, “Having first-hand experience of learning disabilities, I have developed a more accurate, simpler and faster screening method that can be used in schools. With the help of other staff in Bengaluru, I then digitized the three different ones Phases – Reading test, analysis and results. Whenever we go to school we do this screening test for each individual separately. We do the test on the school premises and only take a few minutes per student The child reads a few sentences on one Poster while their eye movements are recorded with an eye tracking device. The test is age and language specific. So far we have conducted this test in English and Marathi. The tracking of the eye movement reflects the child’s cognitive processes while reading. We collect data in this process and analyze them accordingly, then we identify children inside and outside the degree of risk and give individual reports to the schools. “

GiftoLexia’s role does not stop with identifying, analyzing and delivering reports. They communicate with teachers and sometimes parents and suggest early intervention programs that they can adopt. “We propose to improve children’s reading fluency. We help them by offering online phonics workshops, and suggest schools to offer simple crafts, painting exercises, mazes, simple logic problems and puzzles to solve, etc. We advise Parents must also have a special educator so that the children have enough time to improve. “

The Teena team at GiftoLexia also offers two-hour training courses for teachers through its various programs. “Our education system is designed to train teachers in everything except how to deal with learning disabilities in children. Therefore, we hold a two-hour session to introduce various learning disabilities. We then train them in the intervention and help them improve their mental health kids understand. We even explain what special educators can do. We train them to read phonetics, teach math in fun ways by doing various handicrafts, and so on, “explains Teena.

While all of these sessions were held at multiple schools, the Teena team reached out to several state governments to introduce this screening method into the schools’ national language. “We have reached out to the Kerala government to introduce this method in Malayalam. In the future, we will be introducing it in other regional languages, especially in South India,” she concludes.

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