HC discover on plea for precedence vaccination for individuals with disabilities

The Karnataka High Court on Friday ordered the state government to respond to a PIL that, starting May 1, would launch a special campaign in each district to give the COVID-19 vaccine to all individuals with benchmark disabilities and their caregivers in each district aspires to.

A division bank made up of Chief Justice Abhay Shreeniwas Oka and Judge Suraj Govindaraj passed the order at the request of Karnataka Rajya Vikalachethanara Rakshana Samiti, Bengaluru.

The petitioner noted that in the third stage of vaccination from May 1st there is no priority for people with disabilities to be mentioned in the third stage of vaccination, stating that the Disability Rights Act of 2016 takes precedence in the participation and treatment of persons with disabilities in the state health facilities.

“People with disabilities and their carers must be vaccinated as a priority as they may not be able to pursue social distancing, wear masks or avoid contact due to their disability,” reads the petition filed by attorney Viswesh Sekhar has been.

The only way to ensure that people with disabilities are rescued from COVID-19 is to ensure that all people with disabilities, along with their caregivers, based on their ID cards or certificates of disability from the relevant District Disability Welfare Officer vaccinated, said the petitioner.

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