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Dear PAO,
My childhood friend is a disabled person (PWD). She chose not to register for the final election because she feared that she would not be able to vote properly on election day. But she told me that this time she wanted to register so that she could vote in the next election. Is there any support for PWDs?

Dear Ayana,
The right to vote or the right to vote is one of the rights guaranteed and protected in our 1987 Filipino Constitution. It is expressly pointed out that:

Section 1. The right to vote may be exercised by any citizen of the Philippines who is not otherwise disqualified by law, is at least eighteen years of age, and has lived in the Philippines for at least one year and in the location where they propose to do so for at least six months to vote immediately before the election. In order to exercise the right to vote, no reading, writing, ownership or other material requirements may be made. “(Emphasis provided)
Accordingly, Republic Act 10366 was enacted to further safeguard the political rights of people with disabilities and provide them with adequate support for those who register as voters:

Section 7. Assistance in completing the application form. – A person with disabilities or senior citizens who cannot apply for registration due to illiteracy or physical disability will be supported by the election officer in preparing their application form or by a member of an accredited civic arm or a relative due to consanguinity or kinship within the fourth civil Degree or, if he or she is not present, by someone he or she trusts and who belongs to the same household.

Section 8. Satellite and Special Registration. – The Commission, in coordination with national government agencies and local government units, organizations for the disabled and the elderly and other cause-oriented groups, is carrying out satellite and / or special registration for people with disabilities and the elderly in accessible locations. “
People with disabilities are also guaranteed support in voting in constituencies:
Section 9. Creation of districts for people with disabilities and the elderly. – xxx The Commission will set up at least one (1) such district for each polling center, which is assigned to accessible polling stations. These districts need to be equipped with tools and expert services to assist people with disabilities.

Section 11. Assistance in carrying out the voting. – A person with disabilities or elderly who is illiterate or physically unable to prepare the ballot paper may be assisted in preparing their ballot paper by a relative due to consanguinity or kinship within the fourth civil degree, or if he or She She has none, neither from a trusted person who belongs to the same household, nor from a member of the BEIs (Board of Election Inspectors). For this purpose, the person who usually supports the person with disabilities or senior citizens, such as B. a personal assistant, caregiver or nurse, as a member of their household: Provided that no voter is allowed to have an assistant due to illiteracy or physical disability, unless indicated in their registration record. However, if the physical inability to prepare the ballot paper is obvious, obvious or visible, the voter may be assisted in carrying out the ballot paper by a qualified assistant, even if this is not indicated or indicated in the registration record: provided further that the assistant must be of voting age.
“Xx x.”

We hope we were able to answer your questions. We remind you that this advice is based solely on the facts you have shared and our appreciation. Our opinion may vary as other facts are changed or worked out.

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