High 5 Entry and Inclusion Index performers for 2020/21

AND is proud to announce the top five performers of the Access and Inclusion Index for 2020/21.

Our five top performers are no strangers to the index. Since their inception in 2016, each of these organizations has proven to be one of the top index performers, demonstrating their long-term commitment to advancing access and inclusion in their workplace.

Congratulations to the top five performers on the Access and Inclusion Index for 2021:

  1. NDIA
  2. Medibank and RMIT (bound)
  3. ANZ
  4. IBM

These organizations are leaders in incorporating disabilities into businesses. Hear from some of our top performing members at this year’s AND conference.

Roadmapping into an integrative future

Organizations that participate in the index process consistently improve on the basis of previous knowledge. Organizations can use the index to easily track their progress towards trusting disability and what measures have been effective for their organization.

Overall, regular participation in the Index ensures that organizations place disability inclusion on their business agenda.

This year, 28 organizations in our member network used the index to reflect on their commitment to access and inclusion. In addition to internal measurement and development, the organizations participating in the index support the development of the Australian standard for the inclusion of people with disabilities in employment.

Every time an organization participates in the index, organizations build their trust in disabilities.

Access and inclusion index information

The Access and Inclusion Index is a self-assessment tool that can support you and your organization on your path to trusting disabilities through:

  • Encourage conversation and collaboration
  • Measure progress
  • and by highlighting best practices and areas for improvement.

Self-assessment is just one way to use the access and inclusion index. Organizations can also submit their assessment for AND assessment at any time of the year. AND evaluates and reviews your self-assessment and designs a bespoke roadmap to help your company advance your journey towards trusting disabilities.

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