High New Merchandise At Impartial Dwelling Specialists – Mobility Scooters, Incapacity Aids

ILS has once again helped the elderly and disabled by introducing some new products in all stores across Australia.

Physio Care 904 nm Pain Relief – laser therapy in medical quality

This product is made in Sweden exclusively for SYMBYX. It is a hand-operated, super pulsed laser unit with medical quality and a low level of 904 nanometers. It’s useful for those with joint or muscle pain. Pain or inflammation related to arthritis, fibromyalgia, back, knee, neck and joint pain can be reduced with this device. At $ 1,895.99, it’s battery-powered, drug-free, and regulatory-approved.

Universal soft seat – close the seat

This product is available from ILS for $ 349.99. It is a cover for Ocean shower chairs. The closed area can be used for showering while seated.

Antibacterial hand sanitizer for eucalyptus

This product costs $ 12.99 and kills 99.9% of germs. It is a 100% Australian product that is best for personal, work and home use. However, it is recommended that you perform a patch test before use and avoid applying it to cracked or damaged skin. In case of accidental ingestion, consult a doctor immediately.

75% antibacterial wipes 40 pieces / PU

Priced at $ 7.99, it’s a 75% alcohol non-woven fabric that’s ideal for wiping surfaces, electronics, etc. It cannot dissolve in water and should not be flushed in the toilet.

Freedom Flow Wireless leg pocket empty

It’s the ideal device for those struggling with leg pouch emptying. It helps independent wheelchair users take care of their independence by allowing them to empty their leg pockets on their own.

There is an option to either attach it to the wheelchair or to the ankle. This is hidden under the clothing and makes the transfer easier because it does not have to be removed every time.

A simple push of a button releases the hose to drain the fluids. This allows the user to drink the necessary water throughout the day without worrying about the bag getting full. It is priced at $ 694.99.

Therapy and fitness exercise ball – 65 cm

Priced at $ 69.99, this product is a must-have for anyone who leads an active lifestyle. The vinyl surface provides additional surface grip and is ribbed for added safety awareness. It’s ideal for a home gym or rehabilitation routine.

Customer experience

ILS is a leader in health device delivery in Australia. Through its presence, customers are guaranteed to be met at every stage of their life to find a suitable solution to their mobility problems and move through life with ease.

Every team member understands the value of the trust customers have placed in ILS as a healthcare device provider, and their first concern is to ensure that customers are able to live their lives independently.

The specialized customer service guarantees that the customer makes the right decision when choosing high-quality products. In addition, the excellent service goes beyond the purchase and offers services such as product guarantee, support from qualified technicians for maintenance and repairs, and fast delivery service. These and more are the reasons for the recognition of ILS as a trustworthy provider of mobility solutions.

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