How Maegan Blau of Blue Copper Design Is Creating Areas That Are Accessible to All

Hoping to set new standards in the world of adaptive design, which is about making interiors accessible to disabled people, Maegan Blau founded her studio Blue Copper Design in 2018. The newfangled entrepreneur has been a wheelchair user for 12 years and was inspired to dabble in interior design after having experience customizing her first home to suit her needs.

Blue vividly remembers her struggle to find stylish and accessible ways to renovate her first home. Not wanting the interior to resemble a drab hospital, she worked carefully with a contractor to make it as customizable and chic as possible. That gave her the idea of ​​starting her own adaptive design studio.

“[Blue Copper] creates rooms that are adapted in many ways, large and small, ”says Blau. “From rolling in the shower to choosing the perfect cabinet knob that has the best grip for the customer, we really focus on every detail to make sure the home is furnished for everyone who lives there.” She notes that adaptive interior design goes beyond the requirements of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and aims to tailor a space to the needs and tastes of each customer.

Copper blue designs

One of her favorite projects was renovating all of the bathrooms in a client’s home to meet the needs of aging parents who occasionally came to visit. “They also saw the monetary value in creating beautiful and accessible spaces,” says Blue. “We were proud of our customer’s foresight and excited about the design risks we took.”

Shower design by maegan blau

Copper blue designs

When it comes to her signature style, blue reveals that she likes to add shades of blue to her work (a shade she loves, as you might have guessed from the name of her company), be it through paint, furniture, upholstery, or tiles . “We love bringing color in unexpected ways,” she notes, adding that she also likes to play with contrast, texture and polarity.

Kitchen design by maegan blau

Copper blue designs

When it comes to the general lack of accessibility in the design world, she believes it is due to a lack of understanding and awareness. “Anyone can be disabled at any time, and I am not saying this negatively – I say this to emphasize that improving general accessibility and creating more comfort and freedom for people with disabilities will add value to our society as a whole,” she says. “With this perspective, many accessibility problems would disappear.”

In the coming years, Blau hopes to expand Blue Copper Design to the travel and hospitality sectors. In her words: “We have big plans to shed light on how adaptive design can not only be beautiful, but also be classified as good design.”

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