JTECH Pager Programs Present Accessible Communication to Workers with Disabilities

Many savvy employers such as Amazon use JTECH paging systems to ensure barrier-free communication for their hearing and visually impaired employees.

With pagers, Amazon is expanding its one-to-one and group communication to ensure the safety of its disabled employees. But it’s not just about employee safety, pagers also help improve communication for an inclusive culture.

With pagers, employers can send custom messages to specific employees or send a message to multiple employees. Employers can also choose the type of message and warning that works best for each employee. These alerts can be any combination of vibration, flashing lights, alphanumeric, and coded messages

With pagers, employers can customize messages and choose the type of notification that works best for each employee.

Accessible communication paging systems need not be expensive. There are many options to suit all budgets and company sizes with the flexibility to scale up to 999 pagers.

From simple transmitters that send numerically coded messages, to feature-rich transmitters that send user-defined and preprogrammed alphanumeric messages, to push-button systems for quick recurring messages. Once you have selected the sender, you can choose the pager that suits the needs of each employee.

JAN (Job Accommodation Network) and the ADA (American Disabilities Act) are great resources for learning about hearing aids that support your diverse workplace.

To learn more about JTECH Accessible Communication Paging Systems, please visit https://www.jtech.com or contact JTECH at 1-800-321-6221.

JTECH has been a leader in notification systems for guests and employees since 1988 with over 30 years of experience and 24/7 customer service. JTECH is a wholly owned subsidiary of HM Electronics, Inc. (HME).

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