Kernersville begins masks mandate Friday in authorities amenities | Native Information

The restoration of the mask requirement does not apply to city-owned and leased open-air facilities such as basketball courts, swimming pools, picnic areas, pavilions, tennis courts, the Woodland Cemetery Shelter, the Reynolds Park golf course and the uncovered / open air parts of the Truist Stadium.

Regarding the Bowman Gray Stadium, city officials said separately that the masking order affects the field house, concession booths, press boxes, toilets, ticket booths, maintenance building, race building and equipment store. The mandate does not affect the seats in the stadium.

“While face-covering is not required for such open-air facilities, it is highly recommended that individuals adhere to CDC social distancing guidelines,” according to Joines’ instruction.

The city rules have exceptions for religious beliefs as well as medical and behavioral health conditions and disabilities. Other exceptions include: active eating and drinking; strenuous exercise; and for children under 5 years.

The order does not require those who refuse to wear a mask to provide documentation or other evidence of a condition related to a medical and behavioral health condition and disability.

“However, the city may decide to give this person access or services through alternative means such as telephone, email or other electronic means instead of in person,” the order reads.

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