Kind knowledge on violence in opposition to disabled women, ladies individually: Rights activists

Over 90 people, activists and disability rights organizations have written to Home Secretary Amit Shah asking him to ensure that the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) holds disaggregated data on violence against disabled girls and women.

Disability rights groups and activists, including the National Platform for the Rights of the Disabled, the National Association for the Blind and the All India Federation of the Deaf, said despite a large number of reported cases of sexual assault on disabled girls and women, the NCRB does not lead disaggregated Data on such violence.

“We urge you to put in place the necessary orders to ensure that the NCRB maintains disaggregated data, including but not limited to gender, age, place of residence, relationship with the perpetrator and disability in cases of violence and exploitation, including gender-based violence against women and girls with disabilities and violence by intimate partners, “they said in the letter to Shah.

They went on to say that in response to an RTI request in December 2020, the NCRB tried to seek refuge behind the bogus plea that “the police are a state subject under the 7th Schedule of the Indian Constitution”.

“For this reason, NCRB shouldn’t collect data for most crimes, as law and order is a government issue!” They said.

They said this issue is becoming all the more urgent as the country is experiencing a growing number of cases of sexual assault against girls and women with disabilities.

“We find that there was no rest even during the pandemic. On the contrary, we find that their numbers have increased and the savagery and brutality inflicted on the victims / survivors has escalated,” they said.

This story was published by a wire agency feed with no changes to the text. Only the heading was changed.

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