Looming Midland Hospital funding minimize not the fault of WA authorities, Roger Cook dinner says

The Washington government is not responsible for an upcoming multi-million dollar budget cut in one of Perth’s busiest hospitals, according to Health Secretary Roger Cook.

Important points:

  • Doctors at Midland Hospital fear the funding cut will cost lives
  • The contract was negotiated under the previous government
  • Mr Cook says he will not allow the hospital’s quality of care to deteriorate

The budget for St. John of God Midland Hospital in east Perth is expected to be cut by more than $ 10 million in the next fiscal year following a decision by the East Metropolitan Health Service.

Elderly doctors at the hospital have warned that patients will die as a result of the cut.

The cut in funding is believed to be due to a decrease in the cost per patient in other city hospitals, which health officials believe should also be met by Midland.

The complex contract to operate Midland provides that funding this facility will be linked to the cost of running other hospitals.

Hospital contract “not of our choice”

Mr Cook said the hospital’s contract was a result of the previous Liberal government’s decision to privatize Midland’s hospital services.

“The contract at Midland Hospital wasn’t chosen by us and not by our design,” he said.

Doctors at Midland Hospital say the upcoming funding cut will cost lives. (

ABC News: Andrew O’Connor


“Under this contract, the price of activities is based on a benchmark or bank price to similar hospitals. As hospitals continue to improve the way they provide these services, that price will fluctuate.

“The government has not made a political decision to cut [the hospital’s] Financing. The government only asks the health department to comply with the contract that St. John of God signed as part of his privatization contract. “

Mr Cook said it was an issue that the hospital’s private operator and the Department of Health needed to resolve.

However, he said the government would work with the facility’s private partners to resolve any issues.

“I spoke to the general manager who works with the national director of St. John of God Health Care to make sure we understand what they need to ensure we continue to provide great health care at Midland Hospital,” he said .

“We will not allow any reductions in hospital and health care at Midland Hospital [and] We will continue to ensure that it has the resources it needs to provide great hospital care for all people in the field. “

New COVID-19 vaccination booking system

Premier Mark McGowan has announced several updates to the state’s COVID-19 vaccination program, including a new online booking system.

From Tuesday, eligible Western Australians can book their COVID-19 vaccination appointments online, either in a general practitioner practice or in a clinic.

Mark McGowan speaks to the media about WA's vaccination program.WA Premier Mark McGowan outlines a new system to streamline the vaccination booking process. (

ABC News: James Carmody


McGowan said the new booking system will reduce the pressure to make appointments by phone, although phone bookings will still be possible.

“We hope this makes the process more seamless and faster for people, and eases the pressure on the COVID line, which means people waiting for an appointment are less frustrated,” he said.

“My priority is to make sure as many people as possible are vaccinated. So we need more people who are already eligible to sign up for WA and get the COVID-19 vaccine.”

The Prime Minister also announced that a new cohort of eligible people would now have more opportunities to get vaccinated through state clinics.

The new 1B cohort includes younger adults with certain underlying diseases and people with disabilities or people who work in the field of disability or elderly care.

In addition, starting with the one at the Claremont Showgrounds, selected clinics will begin making the Pfizer vaccine available to eligible individuals under the age of 50 from early June.

WA vaccination rate above national average

A new online Vaccination Dashboard will also be available starting today, with updated information on the vaccine’s launch.

More than 361,000 doses of the vaccine have been given in Western Australia, with the number of first doses exceeding the national average based on the proportion of the population.

Health Secretary Roger Cook said while the state was making good progress with its introduction, some people were still reluctant to get the bump.

“Every vaccine we use in Australia is both safe and effective,” he said.

“The Pfizer vaccine continues to be used around the world, and the AstraZeneca vaccine continues to be a safe and effective form of protection against the disease.

“It will keep you from having a serious illness and prevent you from possibly dying from the illness.”

Call for calm in the hospital after the child dies

Meanwhile, McGowan said he understood the public anger over Aishwarya Aswath’s death at Perth Children’s Hospital, but called for a more sensible approach to the problem.

The seven-year-old girl died last month after waiting almost two hours for treatment in the hospital emergency room.

Head and shoulders of a young girl smiling, wearing sunglasses and holding two thumbs upAishwarya Aswath died in April at Perth Children’s Hospital.

Delivered: family


Mr McGowan said there are legal procedures that must be followed and the family must be given space and time to grieve.

“Much of the heat, conflict, argument and anger needs to be taken out of it,” he said.

“We’re dealing with a little girl’s family … they don’t have to see this conflict in the papers and on television every night. I can’t imagine it helping them through their grief process.

“I think these discussions and debates need to be conducted in a more harmonious, sensible and understanding manner.”

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