Man Shares Sarcastic Letter Physician Despatched To Parking Officers After Being Denied Incapacity Rights

@ benperry_2001 / Twitter

After a special police officer who lost a lower limb in a car accident was told that he did not qualify for a blue badge, his doctor sent a sarcastic message to park officials.

The “legend” doctor sent the letter to council officials after they asked for more evidence that his amputee patient needed a blue badge – a government-issued permit that allows people with disabilities access to parking near facilities.

Ben Perry, a traffic light technician and special policeman in Worcestershire, used Twitter to inform his followers that his request to renew his blue badge on his car had been denied. Perry later shared the humorous email his doctor had sent to Worcestershire County Council in response to her rejection.

Man shares sarcastic letter from doctor (@ benperry_2001 / TikTok)@ benperry_2001 / TikTok

Share the letter, Perry wrote, “I recently tried to renew my blue badge but was told I didn’t qualify for one and should provide more evidence of my disability. After an appointment with my doctor, he wrote a letter for me … Can we please show some appreciation for this legend. ‘

I was very surprised when asked about a factual claim about Ben’s disability. I can assure you that he actually had a traumatic amputation of his right lower leg in a traffic accident.

As a result, he is severely weakened with chronic phantom limb syndrome and persistent pain in the residual limb, which on some days allows him to be mobile on his own and on other days can no longer walk independently.

The doctor then sarcastically concluded that Perry’s situation was “unlikely to change unless medical science allows us to regrow him a new leg.”

Perry was supported by many people on Twitter who called it a “shame” that he had to go so far to determine his disability in the first place.

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