Mike Gallagher acknowledges Joe Biden win in Wisconsin

U.S. Representative Mike Gallagher confirmed President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Wisconsin, but said President Donald Trump’s campaign had the right to take his case to court.

During an interview with Steve Scaffidi on Thursday via WTMJ-AM, 620, the Republican who represents the 8th Congressional District in northeastern Wisconsin also emphasized the need for electoral reform.

“In Wisconsin, Biden appears to have won by 20,000 votes, but the Trump campaign has the right to exercise its powers in court, ensure that every legal vote is counted and investigate fraud cases,” Gallagher said.

The Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit in a state and state court in Wisconsin to reverse the election results.

“Passions are hot right now, but I think most Wisconsinites want to have confidence in their elections, and regardless of how this legal process goes, we need an electoral reform bill that will fix things like outdated electoral rolls like all this nonsense about indefinite exploitation concerns detention, “he said.

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Under Wisconsin law, voters who identify themselves as indefinitely restricted due to their age or disability are not required to present photo identification to receive a postal vote, as other voters are required to do. The number of indefinite voters has soared this year, and Republicans have questioned whether all voters who claim that status meet the criteria.

Gallagher also questioned Madison’s “Democracy in the Park” program, in which election workers supported voters.

Gallagher also put down unsubstantiated claims that Dominion Voting System machines somehow flipped Trump’s votes for Biden.

“We have 19 counties that use Dominion systems. Trump increased his vote in those counties by about 60,000 and Biden increased them by 47,000, giving Trump about 15,000 votes,” Gallagher said. “If Dominion was rigged in Wisconsin, it didn’t help Biden too much.”

Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel contributed.

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