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Sonya Bennett, mother of former Kent State men’s basketball player and current sophomore Kalin Bennett, said in a Twitter post last night that her son was abused by the university and its basketball program.

Bennett, who responded to a tweet by her son about the men’s basketball team’s Autism Awareness game, said Kent State Athletics had “violated your disability rights and your rights as a black man.” Kalin Bennett was the first autistic person to sign a national letter of intent to play for a Division I sports team when he volunteered for the State of Kent in October 2018.

@ Ktech50 You are such a man of integrity even though @KentStMBB @KentStAthletics violated your disability rights and rights as a black man. By doing nothing to a professor who injured you in front of witnesses, the Hippa laws violated by the coach have been removed by the autism attorney. ?

– Sonja Bennett (@ SonjaBe00134767) February 22, 2021

The tweet went on that a professor had abused her son in front of witnesses and that the university had done nothing, that “the trainer” had violated Kalin’s right to privacy under federal law restricting the release of medical information and that the university had hired an attorney for Removed autism. It is unclear whether the coach is Rob Senderoff, the head coach of the men’s basketball team.

“Kalin Bennett is a valued member of our community and we will honor the scholarship he currently holds,” said Eric Mansfield, vice president of university communications and marketing, in an email. “If Kalin continues his training in another location, we will fully support him during the transfer process. We take all allegations of inappropriate behavior seriously and are investigating the matter. “

Sonja and Kalin Bennett were asked to comment but did not respond.

Kalin Bennett’s first tweet expressed his regret that he was unable to attend the men’s basketball team’s second annual Autism Awareness game, which took place on Saturday, February 20th. He also said he was glad the game was still being held to raise awareness about autism. The Autism Awareness game was launched by Kalin Bennett during the first season last year.

Bennett appeared for four minutes at the season opener in Kent State but has not played a game since and entered the NCAA transfer portal in late December. He reported on Twitter on February 19 that he had received an offer from Morehouse College.

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