Montshire Advisors acquires IncomeAssure mental property belongings

Bedford, NH, April 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Montshire Advisors announced that it has acquired the intellectual property of IncomeAssure’s previous unemployment insurance add-on.

“”Additional unemployment insurance coverage is common Europe and Canada but has not yet been made generally available in the United States. Montshire intends to leverage IncomeAssure’s intellectual property and partner with insurance companies to bring this valuable benefit to US workers, “said Montshire Bob Alban, Principal at Montshire Advisors.

For most Americans, income is their most valuable asset. Supplementary unemployment insurance provides an additional income benefit in addition to state or federal government unemployment benefits or severance pay from an employer. Unemployment insurance benefits generally amount to 50% of wages up to a maximum weekly amount (e.g. 300 dollars to 600 dollars per week) for a period of up to 26 weeks. This is a significant income gap that leaves individuals and families vulnerable.

“The additional unemployment insurance coverage provides workers protecting individuals and families from loss of income with significant risk mitigation, thereby strengthening our communities. It is my honor to advance the mission of providing income protection products to the market to meet these essentially unmet needs “adds Alban.

Montshire is initiating discussions with potential insurance partners in order to bring supplementary unemployment insurance products to the market independently and in combination with other income protection insurances. These products protect income from unemployment, unpaid leave under the Family Leave Act, disability, death and other risks. For more information on developing income protection products in Montshire, please visit

About Montshire Advisors
Montshire Advisors serves the US life insurance industry with expertise in product design and marketing, reinsurance, federal home loan banking programs, and investment structuring for capital efficiency.

Bob Alban, Principal
Montshire consultant


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