Nationwide Endowment for the Arts choices grants to arts, tradition

Nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and local arts agencies can apply for two American Rescue Plan funding programs.

The National Endowment for the Arts received $ 135 million under the American Rescue Plan Act. On April 29, the foundation announced that it would distribute 40 percent of these funds to 62 state, state and regional arts organizations.

The Art Foundation will allocate the remaining 60 percent of the funds in the form of competitive scholarships to support jobs in the arts and culture sectors and to keep the doors open for nonprofits and local art agencies across the country.

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The Arts Endowment encourages applications from a variety of eligible organizations including:

• Serve populations whose ability to experience art is limited by ethnicity, economy, geography, or disability;

• With small and medium budgets and from rural to urban parts of the country; and

• Those who are applying to the Art Foundation for the first time.

There are two funding options available – one for art and cultural organizations and one for local art agencies for underfunding.

Applicants for local art agencies must be an art agency that is a unit of city or district government, or a non-profit art service organization that has been officially designated as an art agency on behalf of your local government. No first come, first served scholarships will be awarded.

Eligible organizations that have received a CARES Act grant, funding from other National Endowment for the Arts programs, and / or from other federal agencies may apply for either American Rescue Plan program as long as there are no overlapping budget cost items .

Art and cultural organizations

To be eligible, an organization must be a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization; a unit of state or local government; or a state-recognized tribal community or tribe. Applicants can be arts organizations, local art agencies, art service organizations, local education agencies (school districts), and other organizations that can help advance the goals of the Art Foundation.

Grants to eligible organizations may include staff salaries, artist fees / grants and / or contract staff to provide services for specific activities within the organization’s operations, facility costs, costs related to health and safety equipment for staff and / or visitors / audience, and / or Marketing and advertising costs.

The application deadline is Thursday, August 12th. Information about the guidelines can be found at Description.

Local art agencies

To be eligible for underfunding, an organization must be a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, a U.S. organization, or a local government agency. Tribal organizations and community organizations can be eligible if they meet the eligibility requirements described in the funding guidelines. Applicants must be an art agency (“local art agency”) which is a unit of the city or county government, or be officially designated as an art agency on behalf of their local government.

A local arts agency must have a history of grant awards that occurred within the 10-year period immediately prior to this program’s deadline of July 22, 2021. The scholarship program does not have to have been supported by Arts Endowment. Further funding requirements are described in the funding guidelines.

If a local art agency is allowed to award direct prizes to individuals, individuals may be awarded artist fee / scholarship sub-scholarships to support the services they provide for specific programs and activities.

When selecting a grant amount, local arts agencies should consider factors such as their organizational capacity and mission, potential applicants, and any unique characteristics of their communities.

The application deadline for local art agencies for sub-grants is July 22, 2021. For guidelines, see local- art-agencies-for-subgranting / program description.

For both organizations and local art agencies

Before submitting to, organizations must register or renew / verify registration with both and the System for Award Management. Details on SAM and registration can be found at

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