Proposed Texas Regulation Primarily based on ‘Large Lie’ Advances Out of Committee

An Omnibus electoral law, which allegedly aims at electoral integrity, stepped down from a House committee on Thursday. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced the launch of a series of electoral laws. Despite claims to care about “integrity,” Abbott and Texas Republicans continue to rely on debunked allegations of 2020 election fraud and concerns about restoring confidence in the process to move the changes forward.

None of the advocates of the law, including the governor, acknowledge the self-creation of alleged concerns about confidence in the process. Indeed that Bill sponsor, Texas State Republican Representative Briscoe Cain volunteered in the Trump campaign to scrap Pennsylvania’s 2020 election results.

Cain also reportedly suspended a hearing instead of answering questions from Democratic MP Nicole Collier. Collier is also the chairman of the Texas Legislative Black Caucus.

According to NBC NewsHouse Bill 6 provides criminal penalties for elected officials who send postal ballots without a voter requesting the ballot first. Another provision could impose criminal liability on election observers for alleged abuse of election observers.

A Accompanying law of the SenateSenate Bill 7 would prohibit drive-through voting, limit extended early voting hours, and also prevent election officials from sending postal ballot papers to eligible voters. The Texas Civil Rights Project closely watched several bills go through the Texan legislature and presented action points for affected residents.

Yesterday, Texas House removed # HB6 from the electoral committee, endangering the voting rights of our most vulnerable communities. We are extremely disappointed with the vote, but our work does not stop there – the bill is not yet law!

What’s next? We’ve got you covered ??

– Texas Civil Rights Project (@TXCivilRights) April 9, 2021

Voting advocates, including Stacey Abrams, founder of Fair Fight Action, challenged the provisions of the law, which they believe remove scrutiny from local electoral bodies, increase penalties for criminal charges related to voting, and those who help voters who Need help, could oblige to disclose why the voter needs help in addition to an already present oath.

Today the TX GOP removed the monstrous # HB6 from committee. Not only will it restrict voter access, but it will criminalize voting with harsh penalties. Voters and business leaders must register while there is still time to prevent it from becoming law: #txlege (1/4)

– Stacey Abrams (@staceyabrams) April 8, 2021

Some of the proposed actions are aimed directly at efforts to ease the pressures during last year’s elections amid a global health pandemic. Election officials in Harris County, where Houston is located, sent postal votes to voters 65 and over. A court order prevented postal ballot papers from being sent all eligible voters in the county reports the Texas Tribune.

Texas, one of several states that requires an apology for absentee voting, has not waived the request during the pandemic. A Court ruling took the view that the lack of immunity to COVID-19 was no excuse for postal voting purposes. The court, however, left it up to individual voters to decide whether a state of health could rise to disability in order to fall under the listed excuses available for requesting a postal vote.

Scrolling through the 540 page public like Document for HB 6 shows various reactions and reactions to the proposed legislation. A nurse from Austin, Texas, raised concerns about the potential impact of the legislation, making it difficult to provide assistance to people with disabilities or otherwise.

She also encouraged several measures to expand access to ballot papers, including online voter registration. Texas is one of the few states that does not allow online voter registration. But a limited exception was worked out last year to allow people updating their driver’s license to register online.

Observation of the precipitation from the passage of a restrictive suffrage In Georgia, several Texas-based companies and CEOs have spoken out against HB 6, including American Airlines, HP, Dell, and Dow.

On the same day, the MLB announced that they would pull theirs All-Star Game from GeorgiaHundreds of business leaders have issued a joint statement reaffirming their commitment to the right to vote and highlighting its importance. However, the declaration does not call for new federal laws to be passed to regulate elections and voting rights.


– MOVE Texas (@MOVE_texas) April 8, 2021

Annoyed by corporate pressures, Texas Republicans have dug their heels, insisting that the task is to restore confidence in a process they and their presidential candidate have undermined.


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