RAMP companions with Tommy Corral Memorial Basis to offer psychological well being companies.

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – RAMP, a Rockford area attorney for people with all types of disabilities, works with the Tommy Corral Memorial Foundation to offer a variety of educational programs, alternative therapies, technical and accessibility assessments, and disability awareness training in Winnebago County with funding from the Winnebago County Community Mental Health Board. RAMP will help you with this by providing:

Educational Programs: TCMF offers the following educational programs. RAMP will work with TCMF to promote these programs to RAMP consumers, families, community partners, and the community at large.

· End Silence & Stigma: 45-minute program for middle and high school audiences. This program gives students an opportunity to learn symptoms and indicators of mental illness and ideas on how to help themselves, friends, or family members who may need assistance. What Parents Need To Know About Teenage Mental Health: 45 Minute Program That Provides Parents A Chance To Learn About Symptoms And Signs Of Mental Illness, Warning Signs And Symptoms Of Suicide, And Ideas On How To Help Their Children Who May Need assistance.

· Build self-awareness: 45-minute program for middle school girls to discover themselves. It’s about understanding different facets of yourself – how you think, what you feel, how you react to a situation, how you trust your creativity, intuition and inner guidance. Girls learn to become more self-conscious and develop positive and encouraging ways to deal with the pressures and difficulties of life.

Finding Purpose in Pain: This powerful testimony tells of a mother’s grief at the loss of her son to suicide while finding meaning in pain. Travel the five ways your deepest pain can become your greatest goal.

Alternative Therapies: TCMF and RAMP will also work together to offer alternative therapies that are self-care options including yoga, meditation, art therapy, trauma / grief therapy, etc.

Technical and Accessibility Assessments / Disability Awareness Training – Assessments and training for companies that are concerned about ADA compliance or want to improve their company’s accessibility for their employees or customers. RAMP staff are available to conduct an on-site accessibility assessment and, if requested, propose changes in writing based on the Illinois Accessibility Code and the Americans with Disabilities Act. RAMP also conducts training courses on the subject of “Disability Awareness”. Not only is it required by law to have unrestricted access to the entire community, but it is also required to be good business.

The Tommy Corral Memorial Foundation (TCMF), a 501c3 not for profit, was founded by the family of Tomas (Tommy) Corral III, a 19-year-old who lost his battle with depression to suicide. TCMF works in the community to improve education about the factors that lead to suicide, actively develop resources, and provide financial assistance to help people struggling with mental illness and thoughts of suicide. You can find out more information on their website.

The purpose of the Winnebago County Community Mental Health Board (WCCMHB) is to plan, implement, and oversee a system of mental health and addiction services for Winnebago County residents suffering from major mental illnesses and addictions. WCCMHB distributes sales tax revenues to provide services to individuals whose illnesses prevent them from functioning in age-appropriate social roles. The use of clinical, evidence-based practices enables people with severe mental illnesses and addictions to remain in the community while accessing their care needs. Their website is also available.

RAMP’s mission is to build an inclusive community that encourages people with disabilities to reach their full potential. RAMP takes a creative approach to finding resources and opportunities to work with people with disabilities to gain access to the community in which we live, work and play. We have this knowledge because the majority of our employees and board members have a disability. RAMP employees meet people with disabilities where they are and together as a team we take them where they want to go. We are committed to the implementation of the applicable laws, the promotion of the necessary laws and the improvement of existing systems for people with disabilities, while at the same time working to reduce negative attitudes that threaten to hinder equal access. To learn more about RAMP, visit their website. RAMP is a member agency of United Way.

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