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CHENNAI: One day after the state government declared all 8.6 lakh enrolled students in grade 12 as passed in the results, disability rights activists are calling for students with learning difficulties who appear as private candidates to be exempted from writing the test.

“Pupils with learning difficulties study in special schools and appear as private candidates for exams. You are not allowed to write the exam on behalf of the school. However, you will attend classes and study like other enrolled students. Therefore, these students must also be exempted from writing exams, ”said Fr. Thyagarajan, an activist from T. Nagar.

The state government ordered that students who are not satisfied with the results, along with 39,000 private candidates, including children with learning difficulties, be given the opportunity to take the board examinations. The examination will be carried out when the situation is conducive to it (probably in September or October). This is in itself discriminatory, stressed TMN Deepak of the December 3rd movement. “Everyone must have the same rule.

If others are exempted from the examination, these students must also be exempted. That puts tremendous pressure on students. “He said the Madras Supreme Court ruled last year in a lawsuit on the same subject that the government could develop a mechanism to assess and evaluate their performance. Parents fear that their children could become infected with the virus if they go outside, and also the psychological pressure exams create during a pandemic is enormous. “It is very difficult for students with learning difficulties to understand the pandemic at all. Online- Teaching is very difficult for these children and we have to teach them everything from the ground up. We are doubtful how much my child can grasp, “said L Prathima, mother of a 12th grade student with autism.

They said children cannot wear masks all the time and are not allowed to cooperate with Covid-19 tests before the exam. With all of these prevalent problems, interacting with the writer is another major challenge. An official from the Education Department said the exams could not be canceled because the assessment for students with special needs is different from that of mainstream students. However, you have taken note of the complaint.

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