Society’s Property prepared to help college students with disabilities | Religion & Neighborhood

RACINE COUNTY – The area’s school districts will soon be welcoming students. For this reason, it is a good time to remind families that Society Assets staff are resources for students with disabilities. They can be active members of student IEPs (individualized education programs) and transition teams.

“Students with disabilities need the same things as any student: materials, teachers, exercise, friends, and technology,” said Tricia Lewis, director of Independent Living Services at Society’s Assets. “In some cases, things work for the majority of students working for students with disabilities. In some cases, these things may need to be tweaked or adjusted in order to benefit from disabled students with their peers. For example, while the majority of the class can read a standard textbook, a student with dyslexia can benefit from an audiobook or colored overlay. With the tool, the student can learn together with his classmates how it works for him. “

Lewis continues, “Here’s another example. While the standard desk and chair meet the needs of many children, an autistic student can benefit from a sensory pillow or a bouncy belt to best focus on the class. “

Society’s Assets has assistive technology professionals who can help a student explore technology tools to overcome physical, visual, hearing, or sensory barriers. There are hundreds of products in the loan and demo program that students can try to see what works for them. Staff can also help with schools and mentoring teams to ensure each student has what they need to be successful.

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