Sorts Of Wheelchairs And Its Equipment – Mobility Scooters, Incapacity Aids

A wheelchair offers maximum mobility for seniors and people with disabilities and is also a great help for their caregivers. Although these people may have limited mobility, it helps them participate in everyday activities and do their daily chores with ease. The social life and mental health of the users are also immensely favored by the use of a wheelchair.

Transit wheelchairs

Transit wheelchairs can easily carry out the journey of a senior citizen or a disabled person, regardless of the kilometers, the destination or the means of transport.

A transit wheelchair is usually powered by a caregiver or assistant and has smaller rear wheels compared to a self-propelled wheelchair so that the caregiver or family member can move the wheelchair to the required locations.

In some cases, transit wheelchairs with larger rear wheels can be self-propelled so that the user can maneuver the chair himself.

Omega Lite Transit wheelchair

This is a popular product from ILS with a lightweight aluminum frame with removable pivoting footrests and a foldable backrest. It’s the perfect portable wheelchair with 8-inch rear wheels, associated brakes, a 125kg weight capacity, and priced at $ 359.99.

Electric wheelchair

An electric wheelchair is operated by an electric motor. This is helpful for those who cannot maneuver a manual wheelchair or who find operating a manual wheelchair strenuous. These are used not only by the common people with reduced mobility, but also by those with cardiovascular diseases and those who get tired easily.

Wheelchair accessories

Wheelchair accessories are often useful in making a wheelchair user’s life easier. Accessories such as portable ramps, seat belts, an attendant-controlled bracket, and a wheelchair shelf are some popular items that can be used with a wheelchair.

Portable ramps

The Decpac ramp is a lightweight and portable ramp priced at $ 550.99 that is made from a mix of carbon material and fiberglass to add extra strength to the ramp. It can be easily folded into an accordion style, making it easy to store and use later. It’s also non-slip and has pads at the top and bottom of the ramp for added safety. It doesn’t need to be assembled.

Seat belt for wheelchairs

At $ 55.99, this is a useful Velcro strap for added safety and positioning in the wheelchair.

Attendant Controlled Bracket

This controlled bracket helps the caregiver to drive and control the wheelchair while strolling. It is ideal for patients who cannot control or drive the wheelchair themselves and who need assistance in controlling the wheelchair. The bracket costs $ 195.00.

Wheelchair shelf

The universal wheelchair shelf is made from lightweight plastic for easy maneuvering. The top edge rises to prevent items from falling off the tray. It is also equipped with a cup holder. It is priced at $ 175.99.

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