The 5 hottest cognitive stimulation actions for adults


Numbers or repeated words were some of the most popular cognitive stimulation activities among adults. At NeuronUP, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to show you the most widely used worksheets by neurorehabilitation professionals.

The most popular cognitive stimulation activities for adults:

1. Pair the numbers

Pairing the numbers was the most used exercise by professionals in 2016. This is a task that needs training selective attention where customers have to match the same images.

This worksheet is available in both paper and digital formats. Various levels of difficulty are available – from basic to advanced – so that the therapist can select the level that best suits the client’s abilities.

Elementary level

This level is suitable, for example, for people with severe Alzheimer’s disease.

Advanced level

This level is suitable for people with mild cognitive impairments.

cognitive stimulation activities for adults - pairing of the advanced figures

2. Repeated words

This cognitive rehabilitation task involves identifying all words that occur more than once. It selectively improves Attention and random access memory.

The following is an example of a medium-level worksheet. We can see that the word “hockey” occurs three times. Is this the only word repeated or are there others? How many?

cognitive stimulation activities for words repeated by adults

3. Select items from a category

This activity involves the selection of a number of specific elements from a group of stimuli. This job is perfect for improvement selective attention and semantic memory.

For example, in the next picture, all foods must be identified:

adult cognitive stimulation activities - select items from a category

Let’s make the game harder. Now identify all common bathroom objects.

Adult cognitive stimulation activities - Select items from an advanced category

More complicated, right?


4. Look for successive stimuli

This task is geared towards training selective attention. The specified code is searched for under a group of stimuli. In the example below, the user has to mark every time they find 37 together.

adult cognitive stimulation activities - search for successive stimuli

5. Task sequencing (written)

The final worksheet showing the top 5 most popular cognitive stimulation activities for adults in 2016 has been improved planning, understanding, and argumentation. It arranges the steps required to complete a task.

Like other worksheets at NeuronUP, this one also contains several levels of difficulty: Below is a basic and an advanced worksheet.

Elementary level

adult cognitive stimulation activities - organizing steps for activities - basic

Advanced level

cognitive stimulation activities for adults - organizational steps for activities - advanced

This week we’ve focused on the most popular adult cognitive stimulation activities in 2016. Next Tuesday, NeuronUP will analyze the activities most used by therapists for children.

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The most popular adult cognitive stimulation cards

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The most popular adult cognitive stimulation cards


We bring you the most popular adult cognitive stimulation cards. These are the cards most commonly used by professionals.



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