Aurat March asks for elevated well being price range, trans, disability rights

The Aurat March Lahore has published its Health Care Manifesto calling for an increase in the state budget for health and ensuring adequate health care for marginalized groups.

The “Feminist Manifesto on Healthcare – Aurat March Lahore 2021” outlines the organizers’ requirements for physical, reproductive and mental health.

“We demand that the state fulfill its own constitutional obligations: Article 38 of the Pakistani Constitution states that the state” must provide basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, housing, education and medical aid to all people regardless of their gender, Caste, creed or race, as they are permanently or temporarily unable to make a living due to ailments, illness or unemployment. “

The manifesto calls for an increase in the health budget to 5% of GDP in the 2021-22 budget with specific information on the information allocated for women’s, transgender, reproductive, mental and rehabilitative health.

It raised concerns about the government’s universal health program, the Sehat Sahulat program, which is only made available to those who are registered with NARDA and who have a CNIC.

“We recognize gender-based violence and bodily harm as a health issue because it disproportionately affects the physical and mental abilities of survivors and their loved ones,” she added.

Aurat March Lahore is incredibly proud to share its # AuratMarch2021 Manifesto, a “Feminist Manifesto for Healthcare”.

Access here:

This document is a collective effort put together after months of research and listening. 1/5 # Patriarchyka pandemic

– Aurat March Lahore – Aurat March Lahore (uAurat März) February 23, 2021

The Aurat March has called for an increase in the number of gender-sensitized people medico-legal staff and the number of hospitals that meet the requirements of the exam. The two-finger virginity test banned and de facto discontinued across the country, it said.

The manifesto states that disabled women in our society face problems and oppression in more than one way.

It has requested that medical research and health workers be informed of specific medical facilities required for transgender people as well as sexual and gender minorities. These include sex reassignment surgery and the removal of abnormalities.

Aurat March has also spoken about providing medical care to female prisoners, victims of child marriage, and forced conversions.

“Many factories regulate toilet breaks, which means menstruating women have to wear the same sanitary napkin for hours and often develop infections,” she added.

The manifesto addresses access to birth control, safe abortion, combating high maternal mortality, reproductive cancer, menstrual health and privacy for all with access to health facilities.

“We claim that emotional and psychological abuse is recognized as a form of violence,” he added.

Mental health has been discussed at length and mental health facilities should be part of gynecological and postpartum care.

Less discussed topics such as eating disorders and body image issues should be included in mental health budgets and conversations.

It condemned the harassment and violence against female health workers. The manifesto recognized environmental problems and climate change as contributing factors to health problems in different parts of Pakistan.

It was asked to remove gender bias in medical research and to increase the representation of women in medical studies and in policy-making.

The story was originally published on February 24, 2021.

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