Cambodia and Australia conduct discussions on the brand new disability-inclusive regulation

Australia’s Commissioner for Discrimination against People with Disabilities, Dr. Ben Gauntlett, and the Australian Embassy Charge d’Affaires, Luke Arnold, had an interactive dialogue yesterday on the proposed new disability law in Cambodia with Em Chan Makara, Secretary of State for Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation (MOSVY). and Secretary General of the Disability Action Council (DAC).

During the meeting, Gauntlett shared Australia’s experience in developing and implementing disability legislation. Makara and Gauntlett also shared Australia’s experience in implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

“Today’s meeting has been a useful opportunity for Australia and Cambodia to participate constructively on an important human rights issue,” said Arnold. “While the Australian Development Cooperation Program has a long history of supporting people with disabilities in Cambodia, I believe that this peer-to-peer dialogue was the first of its kind. I hope that this dialogue will lead to ongoing cooperation between the Australian Commission on Human Rights and the Cambodian Government to achieve our common goal of promoting the rights of people with disabilities in accordance with the UNCRPD. “

Gauntlett said the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) welcomed the opportunity to share Australia’s experience in protecting and promoting the rights of people with disabilities.

“I commend the Royal Government of Cambodia for its commitment to this critical human rights issue and for taking this important step in disability reform,” said Gauntlett. “I hope today’s conversation marks the beginning of an ongoing relationship between Australia and Cambodia.”

The dialogue took place in the context of the development of a new disability law in Cambodia to meet its obligations under the CRPD. Prior to the meeting, the Australian Embassy and the AHRC gave DAC technical advice on how best to incorporate a rights-based approach into the new Disability Act.

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