Group urges states to enact disability regulation | The Guardian Nigeria Information

Citizens with disabilities have urged states to legislate to remove obstacles that prevent them from enjoying the same rights as citizens rather than being discriminated against and marginalized on the basis of their disability.

The Executive Director of the Center for Citizens with Disabilities (CDD), David Anyaele, who called Abia in the state capital Umuahia, praised the federal government under President Muhammadu Buhari for passing the Disability Act and setting up a commission to implement its provisions.

Anyaele stated that only about ten states had passed this law, noting that in Abia’s case, the law had gone through legislative processes.
He called on the Abia State Independent Electoral Commission to provide the enabling environment / facilities for people with disabilities to participate, vote, and take part in the local government’s scheduled poll on December 18.

According to him, people with disabilities shouldn’t queue long before casting their votes.

His words: “Election papers, campaign jingles and posters should be translated into forms that are easy to read, interpret and understand.”

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