Husband responsible of killing estranged spouse and disability rights campaigner in Eastbourne | Meridian

A man was found guilty of killing his estranged wife, a prominent disability rights activist, at her Eastbourne home.

62-year-old Raymond Hoadley stabbed 58-year-old Jacqueline Hoadley on the property in Broad Oak Close in the summer of 2020.Jacqueline, known as Jackie, was discovered on July 5, 2020.

It was revealed that she was trying to fend off her husband.

Jacqueline Hoadley, 58, on the property in Broad Oak Close in Summer 2020. Photo credit: ITV News Meridian

The couple had adopted two severely disabled children who had to be looked after around the clock. Her son was being cared for at Chailey Heritage School when Jackie Hoadley was attacked and her daughter was in the next room.In 2009 the family received the Outstanding Family of the Year award for helping children with life-limiting diseases.Raymond Hoadley moved out of the house in April 2020 after trying to take his own life.

His mental health had deteriorated. Motivated by money ‘The Hove Crown Court trial heard Mr. Hoadley become obsessed with money and that he had started shoplifting because he “couldn’t stand the prices in the store”.

After their relationship collapsed, Raymond Hoadley had signed a divorce agreement with Jackie in which the £ 300,000 house would be left to her while he would be able to claim her £ 1 million savings.He feared that his wife might meet someone and transfer money from a joint account that he did not have access to.Placed at the scene ‘

A footprint that he used to climb over a fence was found on a trash can.

The night Jackie Hoadley died, a footprint was found on a trash can that he used to climb over a fence on the property.Jackie Hoadley’s blood was later found in Raymond Hoadley’s sneakers, and his DNA was also found near a door handle on the property.

Jackie Hoadley’s blood was later found in Raymond Hoadley’s trainers.

CCTV footage showed Mr Vanadley’s van – the only vehicle of its kind in Eastbourne – near the house.It was then driven to the coast where a figure could be seen leaving the vehicle and walking to the beach.Scissors were later discovered by a fisherman, but no forensic evidence was found.The jury was told by an expert that they may have caused some of Jackies Hoadley’s less severe injuries, but not the fatal stab wounds.Mr. Hoadley left several telephone messages on his wife’s phone in an attempt to cover his tracks.He was arrested on July 6th at the Chailey Heritage School.“A wonderful activist”Following today’s ruling, Together for Short Lives, a charity for children with life limiting conditions that Jackie was a part of, paid tribute to them.A spokesperson said: “Many of the members of the Together for Short Lives team have had the privilege of meeting and working with Jackie over many years. Jackie has been a wonderful activist and advocate for the seriously ill and disabled children and families, with a passion for children and families Caring for Children Young people have good lives and good ends. Jackie has supported many campaigns, including our Children’s Hospice Week campaign, and launched a petition to improve public changing rooms for families caring for disabled children and advocate for dignified ones Rooms with hoists and changing tables.“Vitally Jackie was determined to support other parents like hers by sharing their experiences and shaping resources to provide families with the best possible care. Jackie’s support and dedication have made a huge difference to other families, and we want Jackie for her tireless.” Commemorate the commitment and applaud. “

Chief Investigator, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Wolstenholme of the Major Crime Team, said: “We applaud the jury’s conviction of Raymond Hoadley for the murder of his estranged wife, Jacqueline Hoadley, in a brutal and calculated assault.“Hoadley has consistently denied his involvement, even on overwhelming evidence. He believed that he planned his crime with sufficient depth and hidden his lies in elements of truth with enough plausibility to hide his guilt. But he hadn’t. ” The Major Crime Team has always sifted through his lies and conducted a careful investigation, including hours of video surveillance and large amounts of forensic evidence, through which we were able to conclusively prove that Hoadley was Jacqueline’s killer. “

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