Marajade Sith Vocal About Incapacity Rights

Marajade Sith always approaches everything with passion. The famous cosplayer is known in the nerd community for her gaming and modeling. Marajade is also an artist, her fans can enjoy her live streaming on Twitch and be a member of the TV show Uncultured. Here she creates beautiful works of art and cosplay costumes.

Not many followers of the flashy and talented red-haired model know that she is a disabled person. Her life changed dramatically when she became seriously ill in 2007. Doctors have only recently been able to give her a full diagnosis of her health, but the past 14 years have taught her that there is a lot of misunderstanding about invisible disability.

The stigma of invisible disease

Marajad Sith became the disability rights attorney long before she was diagnosed last year. The final verdict on what torments her is a long list of diseases that can make her look perfect on the outside but make her body scream on the inside.

In 2020, Sith was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, Hashimoto’s Disease, Small Fiber Neuropathy, Vitiligo, Fibromyalgia, and Heart Problems. Some days she can’t get out of bed, other days getting up is a hassle. MARajade wants to do as many things as possible on days when she is comfortable, including her dog training, fun modeling, art, cosplay and the fight for disability rights.

“If you don’t look sick, people often think you’re faking, lying, or exaggerating,” she says. Marajade adds: “For us women, dealing with some doctors is particularly difficult because they dismiss our symptoms as period pain or hysteria. It took me many years to find doctors who really listened to me. “

Marajade Sith – The name

At the age of 17, the celebrated cosplayer took on the name Marajade. That was at the beginning of her career as a professional gamer. Her game name was taken from the name of her favorite Star Wars character, and she used that alias everywhere.

In 2012 she added the name Sith to Marajad. Sith is a name that has two meanings for her. The first meaning, of course, comes from the Sith Lords in Star Wars. These were the members of the various Sith orders who knew the dark side of the force and had the strength.

For marajades, the name Sith also has a deeper meaning and stands for “sick in the head”. At that time, Marajade underwent some rigorous and harsh tests to determine what was causing her illness. Unfortunately, this period was accompanied by major depression and anxiety, which is what the results would show.

Recently Marajade revealed, “I could not mentally endure everything that was happening to me and I had to seek advice. I even survived several suicide attempts. The name Sith got stuck and I didn’t want to get rid of it.

Sith is timeless

None of Marajad Sith’s followers know her age, and she intends to keep it that way. She recalls: “When I was streaming a few years ago, someone asked me how old I was. I replied that I am 742 years old because I am a Sith Lord who transfers my essences from one body to another every few hundred years. Since then, nobody has known my real age … hell, half the time I don’t even know my real age. “

Overcoming their struggles resembles a similar transfer of bodies that the Sith Lords perform, and it resonates deeply with Marajads. She feels she has managed to create a “new self”, something that everyone with a disability deserves.

Using their voice to keep the rights of people with disabilities alive

Motivation is important for everyone. Marajad Sith is often bored and unmotivated when creating art. Her remedy for this is to do what she calls “half half pieces”. Drawing different things on each page will keep them motivated. The exciting thing about her drawing method is that not only does she stay motivated, but she also creates the most fantastic and unique mixes and matches of characters.

Through her social media platforms, she tries to share friendliness and make people smile. Marajade doesn’t want anyone to feel like her most days. Her advice: “It’s easy to be kinder to people. We can do this by making positive comments and stop judging others by just looking at their photo online. Nobody can know what someone else is going through and how they are feeling. “

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