P&G Studios and More durable Than You Suppose Foster Sport Altering Conversations in New Podcast Sequence “Equal Too: Reaching Incapacity Equality”

The team behind the critically acclaimed documentary Rising Phoenix hired host and executive producer Sophie Morgan and executive producer Sinéad Burke to shed light on groundbreaking conversations on key issues affecting the disabled community

CINCINNATI, Aug 26, 2021 – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Today, P&G Studios and the Harder Than You Think team are launching a new podcast series, “Equal Too: Achieving Disability Equality,” to highlight the greatest challenges. from the disabled community and start a conversation about what it takes to advance equality. The podcast, hosted by British television presenter and disability advocate Sophie Morgan, focuses on challenging perceptions, celebrates success and explores how the world can be changed for those who may or may not have a disability. Sophie will speak to some of the best-informed and well-known professionals, influencers and activists about key issues of disability and inclusion.

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P&G Studios and the Harder Than You Think team are launching a new podcast series entitled “Equal Too: Achieving Disability Equality” to highlight the greatest challenges facing the disabled community and spark a conversation about what it takes to promote equality . (Graphic: Business Wire)

“Equal Too” is a special six-part series featured on Seneca’s Conversations on Power and Purpose podcast and presented to you by the Seneca Women Podcast Network and iHeart Radio. The series will run in August and September and will feature thought-provoking topics such as:

  • The legacy of the Paralympic Movement and the lasting impact that hosting the Paralympic Games had on the host cities and beyond

  • How the legislation for disabled people is changing and what still needs to be done

  • The way of employment for people with disabilities 70 years after Sir Ludwig Guttmann started using sport to create space for people with disabilities in society

For “Equal Too,” the talented team behind the award-winning Netflix documentary Rising Phoenix brought together a wealth of voices from policymakers, activists, athletes and allies from around the world, including:

The story goes on

  • Jameela Jamil, actress and presenter, recognized as an advocate for disability rights, LGBTQ + rights, body neutrality and her work as the founder of the I Weigh Community

  • RJ Mitte, an American actor, lawyer, and philanthropist who was a global champion who shared his experiences with cerebral palsy in hopes of removing the stigma associated with disability

  • Tatyana McFadden, a Russian-American athlete with 17 Paralympic medals whose disability equality efforts led to the passage of several laws to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to athletics competitions

  • Andrew Parsons, Brazilian Sports Administrator and President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). The IPC and the International Disability Alliance recently spearheaded the # WeThe15 campaign, a global movement representing the 1.2 billion people with disabilities worldwide

“Because ‘Equal Too’ brings together so many powerful and influential voices, it will help us figure out where the story of Rising Phoenix must go next,” said Greg Nugent, co-founder of Harder Than You Think and creator of Rising Phoenix. “The threads of the conversation are extraordinary and important, and the need to tell the story is more important than ever.”

As the world focuses on the incredible athletes who compete in the Paralympic Games and inspired by the recent launch of the IPC’s # WeThe15 initiative, the largest gender equality movement of its kind, P&G is making a $ 100,000 donation to the Agitos Foundation Disposal. This will help strengthen the work of the IPC to change the perception of young people with disabilities.

“We believe that greater visibility is a critical step in changing perceptions as we move towards equality for people with disabilities,” said Phil Duncan, P & G’s chief design officer and Olympic Games executive. “We all have more to learn, so it’s important for us to highlight the hugely important conversations in ‘Equal Too’. We are also proud to make a monetary donation to the Agitos Foundation, which is doing an incredibly impactful job of creating sustainable awareness for the next generation. “

Since meaningful discussions about inclusion are only possible if there are equal voices, “Equal Too” is made possible by a team – from producers to guests and contributors – that consists of more than 60% people with disabilities. At the head of the project are two influential women: presenter and executive producer Sophie Morgan and executive producer and story advisor Sinéad Burke. Sophie, who was paralyzed in a car accident at the age of 18, is an award-winning television presenter who has hosted all the Paralympic Games for Channel 4 since the London 2012 Paralympic Games and is one of the first and only female disabled television presenters in the world. Sinéad, the founder of the consulting firm Tilting the Lens, is a small person committed to raising basic accessibility standards to create a world that is disabled-centered and inclusive.

All episodes of the podcast will be published shortly thereafter with downloadable transcripts. In addition, they will be accompanied by subtitled videos showing a deaf sign speaker of British Sign Language, Rinkoo Barpaga. You can download and listen to “Equal Too,” part of Seneca’s Conversations, from the iHeartradio app, Apple Podcasts, or whatever podcast player you are using.

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Harder Than You Think is an independent production company whose goal is to use the power of history to change the way we think. Harder Than You Think was founded and co-founded by Greg Nugent and Godric Smith, former directors of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Greg and Godric’s work includes creating the Heads Together Campaign for Their Royal Highnesses with films that changed the nation’s views on mental health, and creating the Earthshot Prize, which has become the world’s premier award for action on the planet Environment.

Rising Phoenix is ​​a decade-long mission from Harder Than You Think that aims to change the way the world thinks about human potential. The project grew out of the success of Harder Than You Thinks debut film ‘Rising Phoenix’, a landmark, two-time Emmy-winning documentary on the history of the Paralympic Movement released on Netflix in 2020, as well as other films and audio projects in development around the Telling the story of the next decade.

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