School of Regulation Broadcasts Inaugural Nationwide Incapacity Regulation Appellate Competitors

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The College of Law and the National Disabled Law Students Association will jointly host the first National Disabled Law Appointment Contest (NDLAC), which will run practically March 25-27, 2022.

At least 12 teams from law schools in the United States will compete in this new advocacy competition. The competition problem will cover a significant and timely legal problem in disability law and will consist of a component for short appeal procedures and a component for oral disputes. The College of Law’s Travis HD Lewin Advocacy Honor Society and the Disability Law Society are co-sponsors of the competition.

“NDLAC is the first national vocational competition that deals exclusively with disability law. It will allow students to develop their oral advocacy skills while navigating a challenging important area of ​​disability rights, ”said Professor Michael Schwartz, director of the College of Law’s Disability Rights Clinic. “The competition will emulate a realistic appeal court setting by exposing students to actual judges and attorneys who are familiar with appeal practice.”

Each team can consist of two or three students. The teams will be assigned to represent either the petitioner or the respondent and will write an appeal letter on behalf of that assigned party. During the preliminary rounds, each team will argue on behalf of each party. The teams with the highest number of points then advance to the quarter-finals, the semi-finals and finally the final round, in which a winning team is determined.

“The College of Law is encouraging law students from across the country to take part in this new, one-of-a-kind legal competition – and be part of history!” says Professor Todd Berger, faculty director for advocacy programs. “I’m breaking new ground in advocacy competition and I’m excited to add NDLAC to Syracuse Law’s other two national and international tournaments, the Syracuse National Trial Competition and the Transatlantic Negotiation Competition.”

Further information can be found on the NDLAC website. Applications will open in August 2021.

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