UVI Govt Director of Middle for Excellence in Improvement Disabilities Awarded Inaugural Incapacity & Disasters Award

Dr. Kimberly Mills, Executive Director of the Center for Excellence in Developmental Disorders in the Virgin Islands (VIUCEDD), has received the Disability and Disasters Award from the Natural Hazards Center announced by the University of the Virgin Islands. The opening price will be Dr. Mills in July for their efforts in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.

“I found your work at VIUCEDD after Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017 inspiring,” said Melissa Villarreal, award committee member and research fellow. “She organized a fundraiser that generated more than $ 7,000 for the purchase of emergency radios for the deaf and hard of hearing. The award committee agreed that this is representative of the type of leadership and service that Dr. Mills exhibits in the field of disability and disasters. ”

Dr. Mills stated, “The hurricane relief was a TEAM effort between VIUCEDD and our DD network partners in the Disability Rights Center, the Center for Independent Living and the DD Council. We did our best to support our community at a time that was traumatic and stressful for everyone. ”

According to the press release, Dr. Mills has spent more than two decades helping people with disabilities around the world and in the US Virgin Islands in a variety of capacities, including those related to disasters.

“Dr. Mills’ strong commitment to promoting and supporting the disability and disasters field was remarkable even among all other very impressive and qualified applicants,” said Candace Evans, research fellow on natural hazards and co-chair of the award committee.

Her research and community priorities include best autism spectrum disorder treatment practices, technical assistance and assessment, studying phenomena related to the school-prison pipeline, cultural and linguistic literacy through a behavioral lens, employment with disabilities, research on health inequalities and emergency preparedness according to the press release.

The Natural Hazard Center recently launched the Disability and Disasters Award to recognize those who advance and support the field of disability and disasters with their research, practice or service. The award was made possible by the generous contribution of an anonymous donor.

As the first award winner, Dr. Mills financial support for participation in the annual workshop on natural hazards research and applications in 2021. Travel and registration costs for the next in-person workshop will also be covered.

“Since she has never attended the workshop before, we are very excited to have Dr. Mills be part of this year’s meeting,” said Heather Champeau, also co-chair of the award committee and research fellow. “We look forward to her taking part and learning more from her extensive work.”

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