Cognitive impairment in folks with epilepsy


Can epilepsy cause cognitive decline? At NeuronUP, we’d like to talk about the cognitive impairments in people with epilepsy.

What is epilepsy

It is a chronic disorder of the central nervous system caused by excessive neural electrical activity in an area of ​​the brain. This neurological disorder is characterized by recurring seizures that may or may not be convulsive.

How does epilepsy affect cognitive function?

Cognitive functions are the mental processes that enable us to carry out activities of daily living. They enable people to deal and interact with the world around them. Cognitive functions include orientation, gnosis, attention, executive functions, practice, language, memory, social cognition, and visual skills.

Most people with this chronic disorder, with proper treatment, can have complete control of the condition and lead normal lives. Sometimes, however, epileptic seizures, which occur in certain areas of the brain such as the temporal lobe, can cause it Memory difficulties, attention and concentration problems and slowness in processing information. In fact, attention deficits are common in children with epilepsy.

Why does cognitive impairment occur?

The effects of this neurological disorder on cognitive function can be the result of both:

1. Epilepsy itself:

  • Age of onset.
  • Seizure type.
  • Seizure frequency.
  • Seizure duration

2. Treatment:

  • Type of medication.
  • Medication effects.

What role does neuropsychology play in epilepsy?

Neuropsychological intervention is important in identifying the cognitive status of patients with this chronic central nervous system disorder. Neuropsychologists evaluate functional changes caused by this neurological disorder to determine whether a change in pharmacological strategy is needed or whether surgery is an option.

At the same time, neuropsychologists play a fundamental role in the Rehabilitation of affected cognitive functions to improve the quality of life of these people.

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Epilepsy: what is it and what role does it play in cognitive decline?

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Epilepsy: what is it and what role does it play in cognitive decline?


Does epilepsy cause cognitive impairment? On the occasion of World Epilepsy Day, we address its cognitive consequences.



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