Fort Wayne activist invited to White Home to debate disability voting rights

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – The non-partisan constituency Count US IN is leading its work into the White House fighting for disability rights.

Jalyn Radziminski started her nonprofit Count US IN and says she never thought she would make it to Washington DC

On Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris invited her to a small panel discussion on the right to vote for people with disabilities.

“I definitely had to calm down, I was so excited to be there,” she said. “It was very powerful to sit at the table with her and talk about voting rights, especially for the disabled and BIPOC communities.”

Vice President Harris spoke to a small group of activists from across the United States about the need to address the rights of people with disabilities

“Thank you to all of the leaders who have come together today, you represent the experience and lives of so many Americans whose lives need to be represented,” said Vice President Harris. “I shared my personal experiences and my experience of joining the community. You really see that voting is a big issue because it really affects our lives. ”

Radziminski says she shared her experience in advocating for disability rights and the concerns of the people here in Fort Wayne.

“I talked about my personal struggles and my ability to choose and the problems in Fort Wayne,” she said. “There are so many obstacles that need to be addressed that not only help the people in the disabled community, but also everyone’s ability to choose.”

She says it should be easier for people with disabilities to vote.

Radziminski suggests holding unexcused postal votes, better access to polling stations and more education about election changes every year.

She says other issues include voter registration, technology issues, and election worker training.

“It was really nice to meet her and hear her try to build this bipartisan effort to help people across the country,” she said. “To tell the Vice President, this happened to me, this happened to me Community, and that’s why I started Count Us IN.”

Radziminski says Vice President Harris is asking people in the US to share their experience of voting.

She says that on this website you can leave a comment that will help analyze the barriers to choice for people with disabilities.

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