Howard: Why no seating at Amtrak platform? | Columnists

Amtrak seating

One of the seating options on the Amtrak platform in Roanoke.

E. Duane Howard

Letter from Stephen Grammer. June 12th, “Make Things Accessible and Inclusive” certainly makes even more valuable observations as this city blatantly ignores ADA issues.

Let me take this example: The Taubman Museum completed construction in 2008. I’ve been actively involved in ADA since it was founded in 1990.

I moved back to Roanoke in 1996 and was in disbelief over so many blatant violations. A new sidewalk was built for the Taubman Museum on Williamson Road on Salem Avenue. They had just poured the cement on the corner; I was in complete disbelief that there wasn’t a handicap curb cut nearly two decades after ADA. I immediately called the city and informed them. Of course it was torn up and made anew, always asking at whose expense?

Years later, I saw an even worse example downtown that I had to inform the city that it had to do it again.

A few weeks ago when I stopped at the lights at Brandon & Franklin from Towers, I saw a woman push a tall man who was struggling to get over the tracks to cross McClanahan Street.

Obvious places like this just shouldn’t exist. I have informed the city; let’s see if it will be fixed soon.

Now, over three decades later, for people with disabilities in Roanoke it is like living in a third world country versus having easy access for the disabled.

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