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job description

The successful applicant will work individually and systematically for them on behalf of people with disabilities. Specifically, the applicant will oversee the care and conditions for individuals with mental disabilities treated at Bridgewater State Hospital (BSH) and the continuity of care for BSH individuals working in correctional facilities, mental health facilities and others Bodies are fired. The successful applicant will use the information gathered through the monitoring to shape further advocacy. In addition, the successful applicant offers BSH customers, family members and lawyers technical support, advice, contact and training.

Specific tasks

  1. Monitors the conditions and treatment of persons with disabilities within the BSH, including satellite units in adjoining correctional facilities;
  2. Monitors prisons, state and private psychiatric hospitals, collective accommodation, long-term care facilities and other assembly facilities where persons transferred by the BSH are cared for;
  3. Carries out investigations into abuse and neglect of people with disabilities at the BSH and in the reception facilities and, if necessary, prepares investigation reports;
  4. Maintains an active number of individual cases as assigned; uses negotiations and is appropriately committed to solving individual cases and solving customer problems;
  5. Develops expertise about the needs and capabilities of the people represented;
  6. Exercises independent judgment on the handling of surveillance, investigation and assigned cases under the supervision of a lawyer; Promptly identifies cases where legal services are required and appropriately and effectively communicates the factual and potential legal basis of the facts to the attorney;
  7. Visiting facilities where customers or other people with disabilities are located, if necessary and in accordance with current public health considerations;
  8. Conducts case assessments to identify possible courses of action;
  9. Review treatment records and other institutional records;
  10. Maintains thorough and up-to-date knowledge of appropriate community resources for customers;
  11. Provides short term information and referrals for clients, families of people with disabilities;
  12. Conducts legal and regulatory investigations to inform systemic and individual advocacy; keeps abreast of relevant developments in the Agency’s rules, policies and procedures;
  13. Develops and maintains effective working relationships with service providers, public and private organizations, other agencies and the entire community with regard to the rights of people with disabilities at BSH;
  14. Prepares training documents and offers presentations, training courses and workshops on various topics that are relevant for people with disabilities at BSH, their families, service providers and the community.
  15. Keeps complete and accurate records of surveillance and investigative activities in accordance with Agency policies and procedures; prepares memoranda and case reports; ensures the security of confidential records.
  16. All other tasks as assigned.

Education and / or work experience required

The successful applicant must meet one of the following minimum requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in any of the following areas: sociology, psychology, social work or other related areas of human services with experience (2+ years) in the advocacy for people with disabilities;
At least four (4) years of experience in Human Services, at least three (3) years of direct experience working with people with mental disabilities;
OR a comparable combination of educational and professional experience.

DLC is committed to protecting the basic human rights of its customers by offering zealous advocacy and excellent representation. We strive to understand the diverse circumstances of our customers and to meet their needs. In fulfilling our mission, DLC is committed to promoting diversity at all levels of the agency. The leadership of DLC is responsible for ensuring diversity, inclusion and equity. We are committed to an inclusive environment and fair treatment for all, and we strongly encourage people of color, LGBTQI people and people with disabilities to apply.

The Disability Law Center strongly recommends applications from people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

How do I apply?

Interested applicants for this position must submit a cover letter, résumé (with three references) and a short writing sample via the DLC website at

When you apply, mention that this opening is listed on Disability Scoop.

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