‘Purple Alert’ system to seek out lacking disabled adults buzzes by means of first Home committee

A House panel unanimously approved a move on Wednesday to introduce a “Purple Alert” system to find missing adults with disabilities.

The House’s Criminal Justice and Public Security Subcommittee approved the bill 16-0. Democratic representative. Joe Casello sponsors the house measure (HB 79). Rep. Matt Willhite, a Wellington Democrat, is the law’s main co-founder.

“I submitted this legislation in the hope of saving lives,” Casello told the panel on Wednesday.

“This warning would work similarly to the silver warning, but for the subset of people who do not fall under the criteria of other established warning plans. As we know, the Amber Alert applies to a child who has been abducted and is in great danger. A silver alarm is a must [for individuals] 60 years or older with a motor vehicle with a marked license plate. “

The Purple Alert System specifically covers missing adults with “a mental or cognitive disability; an intellectual disability or a developmental disorder …; a brain injury; [or] any other physical, mental, or emotional disability not related to substance abuse. “

The bill mandates the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Establishing and implementing the warning in coordination with other relevant government agencies. In addition, data protection for a missing person will be set up.

“To protect the independence, privacy and dignity of a missing adult, the dissemination of sensitive health and diagnostic information is only used when absolutely necessary,” said Casello.

Casello told the panel that groups like AARP, Florida Disability Rights and the Florida Developmental Disability Council support the bill. During the questioning, Casello also told the Republican representative. Tommy Gregorywho asked that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was supportive.

Gregory later followed.

“During the discussions with FDLE, did you have any alternative suggestions to achieve the same goal?” Asked Gregory.

“We haven’t discussed that,” Casello replied.

Casello’s draft law still provides for stops in the House Appropriations Committee and the House Judiciary Committee.

It is. Lori Berman | supports the accompanying measure of the Senate (SB 184). The Senate Transportation Committee and the Senate Committee on Children, Families, and Elderly Affairs unanimously supported this move. Only one station remains in the Senate Budget Committee.

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