Incapacity Rights Advocates Need Precedence Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine – CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Disability rights advocates said leaders must prioritize people with disabilities and people at higher risk of exposure and death from COVID-19 over coronavirus vaccines on Wednesday.

“We understand that vaccines are scarce,” said Silvia Yee, a member of the California Vaccine Community Advisory Committee. “But it says something very ugly about our values ​​as a state when we tell people with disabilities that they have to wait at the end of the line.”

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Loved ones shared losses on Wednesday to show why heads of state like Governor Gavin Newsom must give the disabled community access to the vaccine.

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Governor Newsom spoke at a press conference Wednesday afternoon, but no plan or timetable for vaccinating people with disabilities was mentioned.

“We are waiting for this specific plan. We believe we can make this plan a reality. There are many resources in the disability community to make this plan work seamlessly, ”said Judy Mark, president of Disability Voices United.

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Stakeholders said they would continue to be heard until state health officials announce a vaccination schedule for the disabled community.

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