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The Javed Abidi Foundation has announced the launch of CHANGE, a project that will identify seven different issues for general disability. This includes working with organizations that have expertise in the various topics identified in the project.

One of the dreams the late disability rights activist had Javed Abidi was a ministry for people with disabilities and not just a department to be seen. “He wanted to include issues at the ministerial level by having certain officials in different ministries address issues related to people with disabilities,” he recalls Shameer Rishad, Convenor, Javed Abidi Foundation (JAF)while talking about his uncle’s desires to establish disability.

CHANGE is a step in this direction. This is a project launched by JAF that has identified seven different issues for the mainstream of disabilities. CHANGE represents interfaces between children’s rights, health, age-related / acquired disabilities, nutrition, gender and sexuality, the environment and education (CHANGE). JAF hopes to work in a collaborative spirit and to work with organizations that have expertise in the various topics of CHANGE to jointly create inclusive content.

Seven priorities identified

This JAF project was incubated and designed by Pravahas part of their Changelooms scholarship program in partnership with Commutiny, Sauhard, Rubaroo, Yeh Ek Soch Foundation and supported by the Office for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, United States Department of State.

At the start Rama Krishnamachari, Founder of the Disability Rights India Foundation (DRIF) and the Diversity & Equal Opportunity Center (DEOC) talked about life and various campaigns from Javed AbidiIntroduce the audience to their work to gain a deeper understanding of the disability rights advocacy.

Gagan Adlakha, Leadership trainer and Senior partner at Vyaktitva said: “We must act by first learning about the specific needs of people with disabilities and working with them to build a more inclusive society.”

A total of 70 people with and without disabilities took part in the kick-off event, during which seven simultaneous discussions were held in the style of a world café with breakout rooms in order to enlarge the various topics within the framework of the CHANGE concept

In order to truly embrace the philosophy of “nothing about us without us” and “by youth for youth”, young people with disabilities take part in the various filming discussions, and JAF student volunteers took on the role of moderator and reporter for the sessions.

Aishwarya Othenna, a research scientist Indian Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIITB) moderated the discussions on children’s rights and said: “It was a very enriching experience to enable discussions that brought together such different questions and facets of an overarching topic. Each group had something different to contribute, different and yet important. “

Disability Rights Activist, Gauri Gupta moderated the discussions on education. “Since everyone came from different backgrounds, the points they shared were also shared differently and in a healthy way.” Anusha Mishra, Founder of Revival Disability Magazine and the Gender and Sexuality Discussion Moderator said, “As a woman with disabilities, I think it is important to have sessions where we can have these awkward but important gender and sexuality conversations in order to raise awareness of the problems people are having Sexuality further spread disabilities ”.

Chandrayee Dutta, an intern at Activate India, who moderated the discussions on the environment, said, “It felt really good because people had different views. What I noticed was that many people were concerned about how people with disabilities fare in natural disasters when society overlooks them. Women with disabilities are also harassed during the evacuation process. “

As a result of the event, a total of 250 different questions were discussed, creating a solid basis for further exploration of the concept of CHANGE

JAF strives to work with organizations that operate in the seven areas. Interested parties can contact the organizer at [email protected].

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