Over 500 stripped of disability assist money

Cash series in support of disabilities

More than a third of young people who were entitled to housing allowance for the disabled as a child were not entitled to the adult version of the benefit – PIP (Personal Independence Payment), according to the Ministry of Labor and Pensions.

Around 681 young applicants in Northumberland saw their performance awards increase or stay the same after switching to PIP, but 509 had withdrawn their awards between October 2013 and October last year.

Of the unapproved cases, 380 applicants were turned down after failing to score enough during the evaluation part, 51 were turned down because they did not take part in evaluations without valid reason, and 78 did not meet the basic eligibility criteria.

Another 136 applicants were admitted to PIP, but their award rate was reduced.

A spokesman for the Department of Labor and Pensions said, “The PIP is designed to assess how people are affected by their disability, not the disability itself. Many applicants have not undergone an assessment for several years and have their condition or needs may change significantly. “

Ken Butler of Disability Rights UK said, “If a young person qualifies for DLA as a teenager, it is difficult to see why they don’t have the same needs by the age of 16.

Scope’s James Taylor said, “The government must ensure that young people with disabilities do not lose vital incomes to meet additional costs at such a crucial time in their lives.”

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