We’d like equal rights not charity, PWDs insist

PERSONS living with disabilities in the state of Anambra said they were exposed to them during the gubernatorial election on Jan.

The chairman of the national association of the joint association of people with disabilities, Ugochukwu Ernest, said this on Tuesday in Awka at the “PWD’s Civic and Political Organizing Lab with political parties”.

He said, “Our case has moved from charity to rights, triggered by the signing of the Disability Act at both the federal and state levels.

“This is the first time we have had this kind of interface between PWDs and political party leaders. I am glad that things are gradually changing. They used to tell us they didn’t have time when people with disabilities are mentioned.

“Problems with PWDs can no longer be swept under the carpet. We thank President Buhari for signing the Disability Act. He is the only president who had the interest and political will to do so because so many presidents have come and gone without doing so.

“Down here, our governor also had the political will to sign the Anambra Disability Act. Because of this, the state’s disability issues have shifted from charity to the right. We no longer beg for alms, but demand our rights. ”

Inclusive Friends Association Executive Director Grace Jerry recognized the state’s political parties for promoting the participation of people with disabilities in elections and political processes.

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